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Portugal Sea Port Codes

A dos CunhadosPTTZA Region Code: 11 
Lat/Long: 3909N/00918W 
Abade de VermoimPTAVM Region Code: 03 
Lat/Long: 4123N/00829W 
AbobodaPTABO Region Code: 11 
Lat/Long: 3843N/00920W 
AbragãoPTAGO Region Code: 13 
Lat/Long: 4109N/00813W 
AbrantesPTABT Region Code: 14 
Lat/Long: 3928N/00812W 
AbravesesPTABS Region Code: 18 
Lat/Long: 4040N/00755W 
AbraãPTAA4 Region Code: 14 
Lat/Long: 3925N/00847W 
AbrigadaPTABG Region Code: 11 
Lat/Long: 3909N/00901W 
AbrunheiraPTABR Region Code: 06 
Lat/Long: 4007N/00843W 
AbrunheiraPTAHA Region Code: 11 
Lat/Long: 3846N/00922W 
AdaufePTB4R Region Code: 03 
Lat/Long: 4135N/00824W 
AdaúfePTADF Region Code: 03 
Lat/Long: 4135N/00824W 
AdãesPTASD Region Code: 03 
Lat/Long: 4131N/00834W 
AgrelaPTAGE Region Code: 03 
Lat/Long: 4132N/00812W 
Aguada de BaixoPTADB Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 4030N/00827W 
Aguada de CimaPTAGA Region Code: 01 
AgualvaPTUGV Region Code: 11 
Lat/Long: 3845N/00919W 
AgualvaPTAGV Region Code: 01 
Lat/Long: 4050N/00815W 
AgudaPTAGD Region Code: 13 
Lat/Long: 4103N/00839W 
Aguiar da BeiraPTAGB Region Code: 09 
Lat/Long: 4049N/00733W 
AguçadouraPTAGC Region Code: 13 
Lat/Long: 4126N/00847W 
AiãoPTAIO Region Code: 13 
Lat/Long: 4118N/00812W 
AlagoaPTALG Region Code: 06 
Lat/Long: 4018N/00821W 
AlandroalPTAOD Region Code: 07 
Lat/Long: 3842N/00724W 
AlbarraquePTABQ Region Code: 11 
Lat/Long: 3846N/00921W 
AlbergariaPTALB Region Code: 10 
Lat/Long: 3945N/00853W 
Albergaria a VelhaPTABV Region Code: 01 
Lat/Long: 4042N/00829W 
Albergaria dos DozePTBDZ Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 3947N/00835W 
AlbernoaPTANO Region Code: 02 
Lat/Long: 3752N/00758W 
AlbufeiraPTABF Region Code: 08 
Lat/Long: 3705N/00815W 
AlcabidechePTACB Region Code: 11 
Lat/Long: 3844N/00925W 
AlcainsPTALS Region Code: 05 
Lat/Long: 3955N/00727W 
AlcanedePTACD Region Code: 14 
Lat/Long: 3925N/00849W 
AlcanenaPTALC Region Code: 14 
Lat/Long: 3927N/00840W 
AlcantarilhaPTATH Region Code: 08 
Lat/Long: 3708N/00821W 
AlcobaçaPTALO Region Code: 10 
Lat/Long: 3933N/00859W 
AlcochetePTALE Region Code: 15 
Lat/Long: 3845N/00858W 
AlcoentrePTACR Region Code: 11 
Lat/Long: 3912N/00857W 
AlcoutimPTACT Region Code: 08 
Lat/Long: 3728N/00728W 
Alcácer do SalPTADS Region Code: 15 
Lat/Long: 3822N/00830W 
Aldeia Galega da MerceanaPTOAS Region Code: 11 
Lat/Long: 3904N/00906W 
Aldeia de Paio PiresPTAPP Region Code: 15 
Lat/Long: 3837N/00905W 
AlenquerPTALN Region Code: 11 
Lat/Long: 3903N/00900W 
AlfeizerãoPTAFZ Region Code: 10 
Lat/Long: 3930N/00906W 
AlfenaPTAFA Region Code: 13 
Lat/Long: 4114N/00832W 

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