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Spain Sea Port Codes

A BaiucaESAXO Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 4318N/00830W 
A CañizaESA2C Region Code: PO 
Lat/Long: 4212N/00828W 
A GuardaESUAR Region Code: PO 
Lat/Long: 4154N/00852W 
A Pobra de TrivesESAPR Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 4219N/00718W 
A PontenovaESAPV Region Code: LU 
Lat/Long: 4321N/00711W 
A Rua PetinESPTI Region Code: OR 
Lat/Long: 4222N/00707W 
A Rua de ValdeorrasESRVD Region Code: OR 
Lat/Long: 4224N/00706W 
A TeixeiraESAT8 Region Code: OR 
Lat/Long: 4223N/00728W 
Abadiano CelayetaESJAB Region Code: BI 
Lat/Long: 4309N/00236W 
Abadiano ZelaietaESABA Region Code: BI 
Lat/Long: 4309N/00236W 
AbanillaESAJA Region Code:  
AbanqueiroESAN9 Region Code:
Lat/Long: 4239N/00853W 
AbantoESABH Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 4319N/00430W 
Abanto y Ciérvana Abanto ZierbenaESZZA Region Code: BI 
Lat/Long: 4318N/00419W 
AbartzuzaESNVV Region Code: NA 
Lat/Long: 4243N/00201W 
AbaránESAEB Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 3812N/00124W 
AbejarESABJ Region Code: SO 
Lat/Long: 4148N/00246W 
AbeledaESDY7 Region Code: OR 
Lat/Long: 4224N/00727W 
AbenójarESAIB Region Code: CR 
Lat/Long: 3853N/00421W 
AberinESA3N Region Code: NA 
Lat/Long: 4237N/00200W 
AblitasESNZ3 Region Code: NA 
Lat/Long: 4158N/00138W 
AbonoESAB9 Region Code:
Lat/Long: 4334N/00543W 
AbreraESABE Region Code:
Lat/Long: 4131N/00153E 
AbronigalESABR Region Code:  
AceboESCEB Region Code: CC 
Lat/Long: 4012N/00643W 
AcerinoxESANX Region Code:  
AceuchalESACH Region Code: BA 
AculaESACU Region Code: GR 
Lat/Long: 3705N/00348W 
AdahuescaESUES Region Code: HU 
Lat/Long: 4209N/00010W 
AdamuzESA8C Region Code: CO 
Lat/Long: 3802N/00431W 
AdejeESAEJ Region Code: TF 
Lat/Long: 2807N/01643W 
AdemuzESMUZ Region Code:
Lat/Long: 4004N/00117W 
AdorESVV5 Region Code:
Lat/Long: 3855N/00013W 
AdraESADR Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 3645N/00301W 
Adrada de AzaESAD8 Region Code: BU 
Lat/Long: 4136N/00349W 
AdunaESADU Region Code: SS 
Lat/Long: 4316N/00203W 
Adzaneta de AlbaidaESATZ Region Code:
Lat/Long: 3850N/00029W 
AgaeteESAGA Region Code: GC 
Lat/Long: 2807N/01542W 
AgoncilloESACO Region Code:  
AgostESAGO Region Code:
Lat/Long: 3826N/00038W 
AgramuntESAGR Region Code:
Lat/Long: 4147N/00105E 
AgredaESGRE Region Code: SO 
Lat/Long: 4151N/00156W 
AgresESAES Region Code:
Lat/Long: 3846N/00030W 
Agua AmargaESAAG Region Code:  
AguadulceESAGE Region Code: AL 
Lat/Long: 3649N/00234W 

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