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Egypt Sea Port Codes

10th of Ramadan CityEGTRC Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 3018N/03145E 
6th OctoberEGSOC Region Code: GZ 
Lat/Long: 2949N/03103E 
Abu GhosounEGAGN Region Code:  
Abu KirEGAKI Region Code:  
Abu RudeisEGAUE Region Code:  
Abu SimbelEGABS Region Code:  
Abu ZenimahEGAZA Region Code: JS 
Lat/Long: 2903N/03306E 
Ain SukhnaEGAIS Region Code:  
Al AdabiyahEGADA Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 2952N/03228E 
Al Alamein International Apt Daaba CityEGDBB Region Code: MT 
Lat/Long: 3055N/02827E 
Al Bahr El AhmerEGABE Region Code:  
Al FayyumEGYYU Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 2918N/03050E 
Al HaramEGAHM Region Code: GZ 
Lat/Long: 2927N/03110E 
Al Jizah Giza EGAGZ Region Code: GZ 
Lat/Long: 3000N/03113E 
Al MansurahEGALM Region Code: DK 
Lat/Long: 3102N/03122E 
Al ManzilahEGQEM Region Code: DK 
Lat/Long: 3109N/03156E 
Al MinyaEGMIN Region Code: GZ 
Lat/Long: 2944N/03117E 
Al MonofiyaEGAMA Region Code:  
Al Qantarah El SharqiyyaEGELK Region Code: SIN 
Lat/Long: 3051N/03218E 
Al QusayrEGAQU Region Code: BA 
Lat/Long: 2606N/03417E 
Al Wadi El GedeedEGAWE Region Code:  
AlmazahEGALA Region Code:
Lat/Long: 3005N/03121E 
An NubariyahEG6HB Region Code: BH 
Lat/Long: 3039N/03004E 
An NukhaylahEGEEG Region Code: AST 
Lat/Long: 2701N/03121E 
As Suways Suez EGSUZ Region Code: SUZ 
Lat/Long: 2958N/03231E 
AssiutEGATZ Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 2711N/03111E 
AswanEGASW Region Code:  
AsyutEGAST Region Code: AST 
Lat/Long: 2711N/03111E 
Atakka Dry PortEGBGB Region Code: SUZ 
Lat/Long: 3206N/03300E 
Az ZaqaziqEGQZZ Region Code: SHR 
Lat/Long: 3035N/03130E 
BadrEGBDR Region Code:
Lat/Long: 3008N/03143E 
BahtimEGBAH Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 3008N/03116E 
Beni SuefEGBEN Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 2904N/03105E 
BilbaysEGBBS Region Code: SHR 
Lat/Long: 3025N/03134E 
Burj al ArabEGHBE Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 3054N/02933E 
DakhlaEGDAK Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 2524N/02900E 
DamanhourEGDMN Region Code:  
Dumyat Damietta EGDAM Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 3125N/03149E 
El ArishEGAAC Region Code:  
El BeheirahEGBEH Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 3065N/03028E 
El DekheilaEGEDK Region Code:  
El DekhelaEGEDA Region Code:  
El Guna El Gouna EGGUA Region Code: BA 
Lat/Long: 2723N/03340E 
El Iskandariya Alexandria EGALY Region Code: ALX 
Lat/Long: 3111N/02955E 
El Mahalla El KobraEGQEK Region Code: GH 
Lat/Long: 3059N/03110E 

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