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Algeria Sea Port Codes

Ain El HadjarDZQEH Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 3446N/00090E 
Aïn BenianDZAIN Region Code: 42 
Lat/Long: 3648N/00255E 
AdrarDZAZR Region Code: 01 
Lat/Long: 2752N/00017W 
Ain BeidaDZQBP Region Code: 04 
Lat/Long: 3156N/00635E 
Ain BenianDZA8L Region Code: 42 
Lat/Long: 3648N/00255E 
Ain Eddis Apt Bou SaadaDZBUJ Region Code: 28 
Lat/Long: 3519N/00421E 
Ain M LilaDZQIM Region Code: 04 
Lat/Long: 3602N/00634E 
Ain TayaDZATY Region Code: 16 
Lat/Long: 3647N/00317E 
Ain TemouchentDZTCT Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 3517N/00108W 
Ain ToutaDZATT Region Code: 05 
Lat/Long: 3522N/00553E 
Alger Algiers DZALG Region Code: 16 
Lat/Long: 3645N/00303E 
Annaba ex Bone DZAAE Region Code:  
ArzewDZAZW Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 3552N/00019W 
AzazgaDZZZA Region Code: 15 
Lat/Long: 3645N/00422E 
Aïn DeflaDZADA Region Code: 44 
Lat/Long: 3616N/00158E 
Aïn ZaouiaDZAZO Region Code: 15 
Lat/Long: 3632N/00353E 
Bab EzzouarDZEZZ Region Code: 16 
Lat/Long: 3643N/00311E 
BarakiDZBRK Region Code: 42 
Lat/Long: 3640N/00305E 
BarikaDZZZB Region Code: 05 
Lat/Long: 3523N/00523E 
BatnaDZBLJ Region Code: 05 
Lat/Long: 3533N/00610E 
BecharDZCBH Region Code: 08 
Lat/Long: 3137N/00213W 
Bejaia ex Bougie DZBJA Region Code:  
Beni MeredDZBMR Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 3631N/00251E 
BenisafDZBSF Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 3517N/00123W 
BerrianeDZZBI Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 3250N/00346E 
BethiouaDZBHA Region Code: 31 
Lat/Long: 3548N/00016W 
BethoulaDZBTA Region Code:  
BettiouaDZQBT Region Code: 31 
Lat/Long: 3548N/00015W 
Bir Mourad RaisDZD2H Region Code: 16 
Lat/Long: 3644N/00302E 
Bir Mourad RaïsDZBIM Region Code: 42 
Lat/Long: 3644N/00302E 
BirkhademDZG2H Region Code: 16 
Lat/Long: 3643N/00303E 
BirtoutaDZBIR Region Code: 42 
Lat/Long: 3639N/00300E 
BiskraDZBSK Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 3451N/00544E 
BlidaDZBLD Region Code: 09 
Lat/Long: 3628N/00249E 
Bordj Badj MoktharDZBMW Region Code:  
Bordj Bou ArreridjDZBOR Region Code: 34 
Lat/Long: 3604N/00446E 
Bordj El KiffanDZBEK Region Code: 16 
Lat/Long: 3644N/00311E 
Bordj MenaïelDZBOM Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 3644N/00342E 
Bou KadirDZZAB Region Code: 02 
Lat/Long: 3604N/00107E 
BoufarikDZQFD Region Code: 09 
Lat/Long: 3633N/00252E 
BouinanDZBNN Region Code: 09 
Lat/Long: 3631N/00259E 
BouinaneDZBIU Region Code: 09 
BouiraDZQBZ Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 3623N/00354E 
BoumerdasDZBOU Region Code: 35 
Lat/Long: 3646N/00328E 
CanastelDZCAN Region Code: 31 
Lat/Long: 3545N/00033W 

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