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Switzerland Sea Port Codes

AadorfCHARF Region Code: TG 
Lat/Long: 4729N/00854E 
AarauCHAAR Region Code: AG 
AarbergCHABG Region Code: BE 
Lat/Long: 4703N/00717E 
AarburgCHAAB Region Code: AG 
Lat/Long: 4718N/00753E 
AarwangenCHAWG Region Code: BE 
Lat/Long: 4714N/00745E 
AbtwilCHABT Region Code: SG 
Lat/Long: 4725N/00919E 
AclensCHACL Region Code: VD 
Lat/Long: 4634N/00631E 
AcquarossaCHACQ Region Code: TI 
Lat/Long: 4627N/00857E 
AdelbodenCHADL Region Code: BE 
Lat/Long: 4629N/00734E 
AdligenswilCHADI Region Code: LU 
Lat/Long: 4704N/00822E 
AdliswilCHADW Region Code: ZH 
Lat/Long: 4719N/00831E 
AeschCHABL Region Code: LU 
Lat/Long: 4716N/00815E 
AeschCHAES Region Code: BL 
Lat/Long: 4728N/00736E 
Aesch bei BirmensdorfCHAEH Region Code: ZH 
Lat/Long: 4720N/00826E 
Aeugst am AlbisCHXRE Region Code: ZH 
Lat/Long: 4716N/00829E 
AffeltrangenCHAFF Region Code: TG 
Lat/Long: 4731N/00902E 
Affoltern am AlbisCHAFT Region Code: ZH 
Lat/Long: 4717N/00826E 
Affoltern im EmmentalCHAIE Region Code: BE 
Lat/Long: 4704N/00744E 
AgnoCHAGO Region Code: TI 
Lat/Long: 4559N/00851E 
AigleCHAIG Region Code: VD 
Lat/Long: 4619N/00658E 
AiroloCHAIR Region Code: TI 
Lat/Long: 4632N/00836E 
AlberswilCHALZ Region Code: LU 
Lat/Long: 4709N/00800E 
AlchenfluehCHAFH Region Code: BE 
Lat/Long: 4704N/00734E 
AllamanCHALL Region Code: VD 
Lat/Long: 4628N/00624E 
AlleCHALE Region Code: JU 
Lat/Long: 4726N/00708E 
AllschwilCHASW Region Code: BL 
Lat/Long: 4732N/00732E 
Alpnach DorfCHAPD Region Code: OW 
Lat/Long: 4656N/00816E 
AlpthalCHATH Region Code: SZ 
Lat/Long: 4704N/00842E 
AltdorfCHARB Region Code:  
AltendorfCHALT Region Code: SZ 
Lat/Long: 4711N/00850E 
AltenrheinCHATR Region Code: SG 
Lat/Long: 4729N/00933E 
AltishofenCHAHF Region Code: LU 
Lat/Long: 4712N/00758E 
AltnauCHATN Region Code: TG 
Lat/Long: 4707N/00915E 
AltstättenCHASN Region Code: SG 
Lat/Long: 4723N/00932E 
Amlikon BisseggCHBEG Region Code: TG 
Lat/Long: 4733N/00902E 
AmriswilCHAWL Region Code: TG 
Lat/Long: 4732N/00918E 
AndelfingenCHLFI Region Code: ZH 
Lat/Long: 4735N/00841E 
AndwilCHAND Region Code: SG 
Lat/Long: 4726N/00916E 
AnieresCHAGE Region Code: GE 
Lat/Long: 4617N/00613E 
AnwilCHANW Region Code: BL 
Lat/Long: 4727N/00756E 
AppenzellCHAPP Region Code: AI 
Lat/Long: 4720N/00924E 
ApplesCHAPL Region Code: VD 
Lat/Long: 4633N/00626E 
ArbazCH3JK Region Code: VS 
Lat/Long: 4617N/00723E 
ArbedoCHABD Region Code: TI 
Lat/Long: 4612N/00903E 
ArbonCHZDD Region Code: TG 
Lat/Long: 4730N/00925E