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Finland Sea Port Codes

AavasaksaFIAVS Region Code: 10 
AjosFIAJO Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 6540N/02434E 
AkaaFILSA Region Code: 11 
Lat/Long: 6110N/02352E 
AlajärviFIAJI Region Code: 03 
Lat/Long: 6300N/02348E 
AlastaroFIFAB Region Code: 19 
Lat/Long: 6057N/02251E 
AlavieskaFIALA Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 6410N/02418E 
AlavusFIALV Region Code: 03 
AlholmenFIAHL Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 6342N/02242E 
AnjalaFIANK Region Code: 09 
Lat/Long: 6041N/02650E 
AnjalankoskiFIANJ Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 6045N/02649E 
AntskogFIANT Region Code: 18 
Lat/Long: 6009N/02334E 
Anttila OyFIATL Region Code: 17 
Lat/Long: 6129N/02345E 
AnttolaFIATT Region Code: 04 
Lat/Long: 6135N/02739E 
ArkkukariFIKRI Region Code: 15 
Lat/Long: 6436N/02424E 
ArrakoskiFIAOK Region Code: 16 
Lat/Long: 6124N/02511E 
AsikkalaFIAKK Region Code: 04 
Lat/Long: 6203N/02826E 
AuraFIAUR Region Code: 19 
Lat/Long: 6036N/02233E 
BaronsalmiFIBAR Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 5958N/02352E 
BennäsFIBEN Region Code: 12 
Lat/Long: 6336N/02248E 
Birkala Pirkkala FIPIR Region Code: 11 
Lat/Long: 6128N/02338E 
BjörkholmaFIBJO Region Code: 12 
Lat/Long: 6320N/02243E 
Björneborg Pori FIPOR Region Code: 17 
Lat/Long: 6129N/02148E 
Borgå Porvoo FIPRV Region Code: 18 
Lat/Long: 6024N/02540E 
BosundFIBOS Region Code: 12 
Lat/Long: 6349N/02252E 
Brahestad Raahe FIRAA Region Code: 14 
Lat/Long: 6441N/02429E 
BromarvFIBRO Region Code: 18 
Lat/Long: 5959N/02302E 
BrändöFIBRA Region Code: 01 
Lat/Long: 6025N/02103E 
BäcksbackaFIBAS Region Code: 12 
Lat/Long: 6327N/02307E 
DagsmarkFIDAK Region Code: 12 
Lat/Long: 6214N/02138E 
Dalsbruk Taalintehdas FIDLS Region Code: 19 
Lat/Long: 6001N/02231E 
DegerbyFIDEG Region Code: 18 
Lat/Long: 6006N/02411E 
DragsfjärdFIDRA Region Code: 19 
Lat/Long: 6004N/02228E 
EckeröFIECK Region Code: 01 
Lat/Long: 6013N/01937E 
EerikkiläFIEER Region Code: 13 
Lat/Long: 6239N/03007E 
Ekenäs Tammisaari FITAI Region Code: 18 
Lat/Long: 5958N/02326E 
ElimakiFIELK Region Code: 09 
Lat/Long: 6043N/02628E 
ElämäjärviFIEM2 Region Code: 08 
Lat/Long: 6329N/02540E 
EnoFIENO Region Code: 13 
Lat/Long: 6248N/03009E 
EnonkoskiFIENK Region Code: 04 
Lat/Long: 6205N/02855E 
Enontekis Enontekiö FIENF Region Code: 10 
Lat/Long: 6823N/02338E 
Enontekiö Enontekis FIENF Region Code: 10 
Lat/Long: 6823N/02338E 
ErvastoFIERV Region Code: 19 
Lat/Long: 6008N/02304E 
Esbo Espoo FIESP Region Code: 18 
Lat/Long: 6012N/02439E 
EspooFIES2 Region Code: 18 
Lat/Long: 6013N/02440E 
Espoo Esbo FIESP Region Code: 18 
Lat/Long: 6012N/02439E 

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