IBAN refers to International Bank Account Number and naming of Bank Accounts are done according to ISO 13616. It's collection of Bank Account Number, Country Code and two Check Sum digits. IBAN IBAN Checker validates all the elements such as Swift (BIC) Code, Branch Code, Account Number and Country Code.

Structure of IBAN:

1: First two characters are for Country Code.
2: Third and Fourth characters are for Checksum Digits. Remaining characters are of BBAN (Basic Bank Account Number)
3: BBAN contains Bank Identifier, Branch Information and Account Number.
4: First five characters are for Bank Info and Branch Info and others are for Account Number.

Country Wise IBAN Codes

Validate IBAN Code

Validate the Structure of IBAN:

For Example : AL35202111090000000001234567 | DK9520000123456789 | FR7630006000011234567890189 | CH5604835012345678009


Most Searchable IBAN Sample Codes