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Bulgaria Sea Port Codes

AitosBGAIO Region Code: 02 
Lat/Long: 4243N/02715E 
AkhtopolBGAKH Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 4206N/02757E 
AksakovoBGASA Region Code: 03 
Lat/Long: 4315N/02749E 
AltimirBGATL Region Code: 06 
Lat/Long: 4332N/02349E 
ApriltsiBGAPI Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 4219N/02417E 
ArdinoBGARD Region Code: 21 
Lat/Long: 4135N/02508E 
AsenovgradBGAND Region Code:  
AytosBGAYT Region Code: 02 
Lat/Long: 4242N/02715E 
BalchikBGBAL Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 4325N/02810E 
BanevoBGBVO Region Code: 02 
Lat/Long: 4238N/02724E 
BaniteBGBTE Region Code: 21 
Lat/Long: 4137N/02501E 
BankyaBGBAN Region Code: 14 
Lat/Long: 4251N/02240E 
BankyaBGBAK Region Code: 23 
Lat/Long: 4242N/02308E 
BanskoBGBAO Region Code: 23 
Lat/Long: 4150N/02330E 
BataBGBBA Region Code: 02 
Lat/Long: 4244N/02730E 
BatakBGBAT Region Code: 13 
Lat/Long: 4157N/02413E 
BeleneBGBLE Region Code: 15 
Lat/Long: 4339N/02507E 
BelitsaBGBEL Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 4157N/02333E 
BelogradchikBGBBK Region Code: 05 
Lat/Long: 4337N/02241E 
BelogradchikBGBDK Region Code: 05 
Lat/Long: 4337N/02241E 
BeloslavBGBEV Region Code: 03 
Lat/Long: 4311N/02742E 
BelovoBGBPK Region Code: 13 
Lat/Long: 4213N/02401E 
BelyakovetsBGBYK Region Code: 04 
Lat/Long: 4306N/02535E 
BerkovitzaBGBRK Region Code:  
Bjala SlatinaBGVBS Region Code: 06 
BlagoevgradBGBLN Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 4201N/02306E 
BorovoBGBRV Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 4330N/02548E 
BotevgradBGBRF Region Code:  
BozhurishteBGBOZ Region Code: 22 
Lat/Long: 4245N/02312E 
BratsigovoBGVTG Region Code: 13 
Lat/Long: 4201N/02422E 
BregovoBGBRE Region Code:  
BrestakBGBRS Region Code: 03 
Lat/Long: 4327N/02732E 
BrestovetsBGBTV Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 4321N/02436E 
BreznikBGBRZ Region Code: 02 
BulgarevoBGBDB Region Code: 08 
Lat/Long: 4324N/02825E 
BurgasBGBOJ Region Code:  
BuzovgradBGBUZ Region Code: 24 
Lat/Long: 4234N/02522E 
ByalaBGBYA Region Code: 18 
Lat/Long: 4327N/02544E 
ByalaBGBYL Region Code: 03 
Byala CherkvaBGVT4 Region Code: 04 
Lat/Long: 4312N/02518E 
Byala SlatinaBGBSL Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 4328N/02357E 
ChakalarevoBGCHR Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 4117N/02517E 
ChelopechBGOCH Region Code: 23 
Lat/Long: 4242N/02405E 
ChepelareBGCPA Region Code:  
ChepintsiBGCHE Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 4246N/02326E 

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