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Italy Sea Port Codes

Abano TermeITAOM Region Code: PD 
Lat/Long: 4521N/01147E 
Abbadia LarianaITBBD Region Code: LC 
Lat/Long: 4554N/00920E 
Abbadia a IsolaITXYX Region Code: SI 
Lat/Long: 4323N/01112E 
Abbiate GuazzoneITGBB Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 4541N/00855E 
AbbiategrassoITATR Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 4524N/00854E 
AcateITACA Region Code: RG 
AcciaroliITAOL Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 4011N/01501E 
Acconia Di CuringaITAQW Region Code: CZ 
Lat/Long: 3850N/01615E 
AcerenzaITAC4 Region Code: PZ 
Lat/Long: 4048N/01556E 
AcerraITARR Region Code: NA 
Lat/Long: 4057N/01422E 
Aci CastelloITACL Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 3733N/01508E 
Aci Sant AntonioITAIO Region Code: CT 
Lat/Long: 3736N/01507E 
Aci TrezzaITACT Region Code: CT 
Lat/Long: 3734N/01510E 
AciliaITAIL Region Code: RM 
Lat/Long: 4147N/01222E 
AcirealeITACR Region Code:  
AcquafreddaITAQF Region Code: BS 
Lat/Long: 4518N/01024E 
AcqualagnaITAC5 Region Code: PU 
Lat/Long: 4337N/01240E 
Acquanegra CremoneseITACU Region Code: CR 
Lat/Long: 4508N/00953E 
AcquapendenteITAUP Region Code: VT 
Lat/Long: 4244N/01152E 
Acquasanta TermeITAQT Region Code: AP 
Lat/Long: 4246N/01324E 
AcquaspartaITACS Region Code: TR 
Lat/Long: 4241N/01233E 
AcquavivaITAQV Region Code: SI 
Lat/Long: 4323N/01110E 
Acquaviva PicenaITACQ Region Code: AP 
Lat/Long: 4256N/01348E 
Acquaviva delle FontiITADF Region Code: BA 
Lat/Long: 4054N/01650E 
Acqui TermeITACI Region Code: AL 
Lat/Long: 4441N/00828E 
AdelfiaITB7A Region Code: BA 
Lat/Long: 4100N/01652E 
AdranoITZCF Region Code: CT 
Lat/Long: 3740N/01450E 
Adrara San MartinoITADM Region Code: BG 
Lat/Long: 4542N/00956E 
Adrara San RoccoITAS2 Region Code: BG 
Lat/Long: 4542N/00957E 
AdriaITARA Region Code: RO 
Lat/Long: 4503N/01203E 
AdroITARO Region Code: BS 
AffiITAFF Region Code: VR 
Lat/Long: 4533N/01045E 
AfragolaITAFR Region Code: NA 
AgazzanoITAAZ Region Code: PC 
Lat/Long: 4457N/00931E 
AgerolaITAG3 Region Code: NA 
Lat/Long: 4038N/01432E 
AgiraITAGA Region Code: EN 
Lat/Long: 3739N/01431E 
AglianaITAGL Region Code: PT 
Lat/Long: 4354N/01100E 
Agliano TermeITAT5 Region Code: AT 
Lat/Long: 4447N/00815E 
AglientuITNTU Region Code: SS 
Lat/Long: 4105N/00907E 
AglièITAGI Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 4521N/00746E 
AgnaITAGQ Region Code: PD 
Lat/Long: 4510N/01158E 
AgnadelloITAGO Region Code: CR 
Lat/Long: 4527N/00933E 
Agnana CalabraITRR9 Region Code: RC 
Lat/Long: 3818N/01614E 
AgnanoITAG2 Region Code: PI 
Lat/Long: 4325N/01044E 
AgnosineITAGZ Region Code: BS 
Lat/Long: 4539N/01021E 

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