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Colombia Sea Port Codes

AcacíasCOAAS Region Code: MET 
Lat/Long: 0359N/07345W 
AcandiCOACD Region Code: ANT 
Lat/Long: 0832N/07714W 
AcaricuaraCOARF Region Code: VAU 
Lat/Long: 0042N/07014W 
AgradoCOAGD Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 0215N/07556W 
AguachicaCOAGC Region Code: CES 
Lat/Long: 0818N/07337W 
AguaclaraCOACL Region Code: NAR 
Lat/Long: 0143N/07847W 
AguadasCOAGU Region Code: CAL 
Lat/Long: 0536N/07527W 
AguasblancasCOABL Region Code: CES 
Lat/Long: 1013N/07329W 
AmalfiCOAFI Region Code: ANT 
Lat/Long: 0655N/07504W 
AndaluciaCOAND Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 0513N/07407W 
AndesCOADN Region Code: ANT 
Lat/Long: 0539N/07552W 
AntioquiaCOAQA Region Code: ANT 
Lat/Long: 0633N/07549W 
ApartadoCOAPO Region Code:  
ApartadóCOLAP Region Code: ANT 
Lat/Long: 0753N/07638W 
ApiayCOAPI Region Code: MET 
Lat/Long: 0405N/07334W 
AracatacaCOARA Region Code: MAG 
Lat/Long: 1035N/07411W 
AraracuaraCOACR Region Code: MET 
Lat/Long: 0410N/07258W 
AraucaCOAUC Region Code:  
ArauquitaCOARQ Region Code: ARA 
Lat/Long: 0701N/07126W 
ArboletasCOARO Region Code: ANT 
Lat/Long: 0850N/07625W 
ArenalCOARE Region Code: BOL 
Lat/Long: 0828N/07357W 
AricaCOACM Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 0207S/07144W 
AriguaniCOARI Region Code: CES 
Lat/Long: 1015N/07400W 
ArjonaCOARJ Region Code: CES 
Lat/Long: 0932N/07354W 
ArmeniaCOAXM Region Code:  
AstreaCOASR Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 0930N/07358W 
AyacuchoCOAYC Region Code:  
AyapelCOAYA Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 0819N/07508W 
Bahia SolanoCOBSC Region Code: CHO 
Lat/Long: 0614N/07725W 
Bahía CupicaCOBHF Region Code: CHO 
Lat/Long: 0633N/07720W 
BalboaCOBAL Region Code: CAU 
Lat/Long: 0202N/07713W 
BaranoaCOBAR Region Code: ATL 
Lat/Long: 1047N/07455W 
BarbosaCOBAA Region Code: ANT 
Lat/Long: 0626N/07519W 
Barranca de UpiaCOBAC Region Code: CAS 
Lat/Long: 0435N/07258W 
BarrancabermejaCOEJA Region Code:  
BarrancasCOBRR Region Code: LAG 
Lat/Long: 1057N/07247W 
BarrancominasCONBB Region Code: GUA 
Lat/Long: 0320N/07020W 
BarranquillaCOBAQ Region Code:  
BayuncaCOBAY Region Code: BOL 
Lat/Long: 1032N/07524W 
BecerrilCOBEC Region Code: CES 
Lat/Long: 0942N/07317W 
BelloCOBLO Region Code: ANT 
Lat/Long: 0620N/07533W 
BerrugasCOBER Region Code: SUC 
Lat/Long: 0942N/07537W 
BetaniaCOBET Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 0545N/07559W 
Boca ChicaCOBCC Region Code: CAS 
BogotáCOBOG Region Code: CUN 
Lat/Long: 0436N/07405W 

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