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International Code or ISD Code for Russian Federation is: +7

Dialing Codes are required to call internationally or for the local calls in the Country. Every Country has specific ISD assigned by ITU - International Telecommunication Union in the standards E.123 and E.164. Dialing Codes are required for connecting calls to telecom company of other countries and for subscribers within the country use '0' and for international subscribers use '00' or '+' with the specific country code.

Country Codes are divided into 9 zones according to the continents and regions:

  • Zone 1: North America
  • Zone 2: Africa
  • Zone 3: Europe
  • Zone 4: Europe
  • Zone 5: South America
  • Zone 6: Asia and Oceania
  • Zone 7: Soviet Union
  • Zone 8: East Asia and reserved services
  • Zone 9: Middle East and South Asia
  • Local Region Codes for Russian Federation are:-

    Region or City NameDialing Code
    Belgorod +7-472
    Bryansk +7-483
    Ivanovo +7-493
    Kaliningrad +7-401
    Kaluga +7-484
    Kostroma +7-494
    Kursk +7-471
    Lipetsk +7-474
    Moscow (municipal) +7-495
    Moscow (regional) +7-496
    Oryol +7-486
    Ryazan +7-491
    Smolensk +7-481
    Tambov +7-475
    Tula +7-487
    Tver +7-482
    Vladimir +7-492
    Voronezh +7-473
    Yaroslavl +7-485
    Toll Free and MobilesDialing Code
    Russia Toll Free +7-108
    Russia Toll Free - Mobile Enabled +7-800