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International Code or ISD Code for Albania is: +355

Dialing Codes are required to call internationally or for the local calls in the Country. Every Country has specific ISD assigned by ITU - International Telecommunication Union in the standards E.123 and E.164. Dialing Codes are required for connecting calls to telecom company of other countries and for subscribers within the country use '0' and for international subscribers use '00' or '+' with the specific country code.

Country Codes are divided into 9 zones according to the continents and regions:

  • Zone 1: North America
  • Zone 2: Africa
  • Zone 3: Europe
  • Zone 4: Europe
  • Zone 5: South America
  • Zone 6: Asia and Oceania
  • Zone 7: Soviet Union
  • Zone 8: East Asia and reserved services
  • Zone 9: Middle East and South Asia
  • Local Region Codes for Albania are:-

    Region or City NameDialing Code
    Babicë +355-394
    Bajram Curri +355-213
    Bajzë +355-211
    Ballsh +355-313
    Berat +355-32
    Bilisht +355-811
    Bulqizë +355-219
    Burrel +355-217
    Cakran +355-387
    Çërrik +355-581
    Çorovodë +355-312
    Delvinë +355-815
    Divjakë +355-371
    Durrës +355-52
    Elbasan +355-545
    Ersekë +355-812
    Fier +355-34
    Fushë-Krujë +355-563
    Gjirokastër +355-84
    Gramsh +355-513
    Himarë +355-393
    Kavajë +355-554
    Koplik +355-211
    Korçë +355-82
    Krujë +355-511
    Krumë +355-214
    Ksamil +355-893
    Kuçovë +355-311
    Kukës +355-242
    Laç +355-53
    Levan +355-388
    Lezhë +355-215
    Libohovë +355-881
    Librazhd +355-514
    Lushnjë +355-35
    Maliq +355-861
    Mamurras +355-561
    Memaliaj +355-885
    Orikum +355-391
    Patos +355-342
    Peqin +355-512
    Përmet +355-813
    Përrenjas +355-591
    Peshkopi +355-218
    Pogradec +355-832
    Poliçan +355-368
    Pukë +355-212
    Rrëshen +355-216
    Rrogozhinë +355-577
    Sarandë +355-852
    Selenicë +355-392
    Shijak +355-571
    Shkodër +355-22
    Tepelenë +355-814
    Tiranë +355-4
    Tropojë +355-213
    Ura Vajgurore +355-361
    Vlorë +355-33
    Toll Free and MobilesDialing Code
    Toll Free Number+1-855
    Mobile Phone Numbers +355-68
    Vodafone +355-69


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