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Japan College University

Japan College University Details - Seikei University

College/University Logo
Logo/Symbol of College or University
Seikei University
College/University Name
Name of College or University
Seikei University
University Regional Name
Regional Name of University
University College Code
University College Code
University Tag Line (Motto)
University Keyline
Love God and Serve His People
University Established Year
Year of Establishment
College University Address
College University Address
3-3-1 Kichijoji-KitamachiMusashino 180-8633 Tokyo Japan
College University Phone
College University Phone
+81 (422) 37 3533
College University Fax
College University Fax
+81 (422) 37 3864
College University /website
College University Website
Courses available at University
Subjects available at University
Facebook page of Univeristy
Follow University on Twitter
Instagram Page of University
Linked In
LinkedIn page of University
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Japan College University Codes

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