Top ten safest countries of the world: 2021

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Best Countries to live in the World according to peace and safety standards.

According to Best Countries Report 2021, on the basis of high level of safety and Quality of Life in countries are surveyed. European and Scandinavian countries were more preferred in the terms of safety.

Most of the citizens of the countries need social security and peace of mind, according to their own perceptions and last living standards they ranked the countries and prefer to live in. United States fails to stand in list. Following are the countries guided by people to be the most safest and peaceful for their families.

Top ten Countries of the world of the world are:

1: Switzerland:

Switzerland stands on the first place for peace and social security, It is a Central European country having numerous mountains, lakes, villages high peaks of the Alps.

2: Canada:

Canada always on the top of the list in terms of peace and life security to citizens. Canada is north American country having world famous cities for friendliness and for their beauty.

3: Denmark:

Denmark is a Scandinavian country having many islands, royal palaces and colorful harbors. Most safest country in European continent after Switzerland.

4: Norway:

Norway is a also Scandinavian country listing on top 10 safest countries of the world having mountains, glaciers and deep coastal fjords.

5: New Zealand:

New Zealand is an best country to live in Oceanic continent having more than 700 small islands. It stands on the 5th position of world’s best and safest countries list.

6: Finland:

Finland is a European country linked with Sweden, Norway and Russia. Helsinki which is capital of Finland contains peninsula and islands all around in the Baltic Sea which makes the Finland a beautiful and safest country.

7: Sweden:

Sweden is a another Scandinavian country on the list of safest and peaceful country having lakes, forests, glaciated mountains and museums adding to the beauty of the country.

8: Australia:

Australia is a largest country in Oceania, having so many small islands and one biggest island Tasmania. It also ranks on the 8th position on world safest countries and comprises of biggest coral reef in world and 6th biggest country in world.

9: Netherlands:

Netherlands is a one of the European country having canals, tulip fields, windmills and cycling routes. It has most of beautiful cities including Amsterdam. It ranks at 9th position of world’s safest countries.

10: Austria:

Austria is landlocked in Central Europe ranking on the 10th position of world’s safest countries and peaceful countries, Its capital vienna is famous for Castles, Mountains and Palaces.

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