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Top ten safest countries of the world: 2021

Best Countries to live in the World according to peace and safety standards. According to Best Countries Report 2021, on the basis of high level of safety and Quality of Life in countries are surveyed….

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Rankings of Airlines and Airports

Every country has Airports and Airline industry and provide huge services to customers, these Airports are ranked on the basis of features such as, size, hygiene and safety standards specially in this COVID-19 period. Airline…

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Flight Industry losses with Corona

As the whole world is in crisis, United Airlines also can’t be last in the queue, It has been reported with $2.1 billion for the starting months of this year and also bear the same…

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United States abbreviations list

US States listing with abbreviations United States capital is Washington, D.C and it has many small Islands and 48 states. The United States abbreviations are 2 character unique codes which was defined by United States…

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