United States abbreviations list

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US States listing with abbreviations

United States capital is Washington, D.C and it has many small Islands and 48 states. The United States abbreviations are 2 character unique codes which was defined by United States Postal Service(USPS).

Abbreviation system started in Oct 1963, and 3 months after the United States Postal Service adopted Zip Codes. Two letters for State abbreviations are defined on the basis of the name of the state. For a single word name of the state, first two characters are taken as abbreviation and if the State name comprises two words, then the abbreivation would be the first charcters of the State name words and if the two states name start with same character then state name abbreiviations would be the first and last character of State name.

For example (Single Word Rule): Florida (FL), Ohio (OH)
For example (Two Words Rule): North Carolina (NC), West Virginia (WV)

For example (States starting with same alphabet): Kentucky (KY), Kansas (KS)

There might be some exceptions also for the naming of State abbreviations which do not follow any of the rule of naming:
For exmaple: Tennessee (TN), Texas (TX)

State Abbreviation
Alabama – AL
Alaska – AK
Arizona – AZ
Arkansas – AR
California – CA
Colorado – CO
Connecticut – CT
Delaware – DE
Florida – FL
Georgia – GA
Hawaii – HI
Idaho – ID
Illinois – IL
Indiana – IN
Iowa – IA
Kansas – KS
Kentucky – KY
Louisiana – LA
Maine – ME
Maryland – MD
Massachusetts – MA
Michigan – MI
Minnesota – MN
Mississippi – MS
Missouri – MO
Montana – MT
Nebraska – NE
Nevada – NV
New Hampshire – NH
New Jersey – NJ
New Mexico – NM
New York – NY
North Carolina – NC
North Dakota – ND
Ohio – OH
Oklahoma – OK
Oregon – OR
Pennsylvania – PA
Rhode Island – RI
South Carolina – SC
South Dakota – SD
Tennessee – TN
Texas – TX
Utah – UT
Vermont – VT
Virginia – VA
Washington – WA
West Virginia – WV
Wisconsin – WI
Wyoming WY

United States Map showing State Boundaries

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