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United States Airport Codes

A and L    Calhoun 96KY
A and P Airpark    Slaughter LS77
A A Helicopters Inc    North Salt Lake UT39
A A Ranch    Encampment WY11
A and K    New Boston 28NH
A B Dock Services    Cameron 32LA
A G A Farms    Perkasie 61PN
A G Spanos Companies Hq    Stockton 8CL4
A I M    Boca Raton 58FL
A J Oster Co    Watertown CT67
A Js    Casa 6AR2
A L Mangham Jr Regional    NacogdochesOCH
A M Classics    Woodstown 4NJ7
A M I G O For Christ    Weatherford 2TA9
A P Hill Aaf Fort A P Hill    Fort A. P. HillAPHKAPH
A Paul Vance Fredericktown Regional    Fredericktown KH88
A T I    Belleville 7MI9
A W Ranch    San Antonio XS79
A Z Minerals Corporation    Mexican Hat 03UT
A and A Flying Service    Pearland XS39
AC Miller     ClosedFrontier MI21
AH Butz Downtown Allentown    Allentown 24PN
AI Dupont Childrens Hospital    Wilmington 16DE
AIDupont Institute    Wilmington DE28
ARS Sport Strip    Belle Plaine 7Y7
AAF    Lucas XA63
AAI     ClosedCockeysville 5MD4
Aaron Penston Field    South Boston 1VA7
Aarons Field    Aurora 14NE
Abacus Tower    Phoenix AZ41
Abbas    Sheridan 91OR
Abbeville    Abbeville SC81
Abbeville Chris Crusta Memorial    Abbeville K0R3
Abbeville County Memorial Hospital    Abbeville SC83
Abbeville General Hospital    Abbeville LA95
Abbeville Municipal    Abbeville 0J0
Abbey Etna    Perrysburg 68OI
Abbott    Long Pine 83NE
Abbott Northwestern Hospital    Minneapolis MN10
ABC 33 40    Hoover AL70