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International Code or ISD Code for Swaziland is: +268

Dialing Codes are required to call internationally or for the local calls in the Country. Every Country has specific ISD assigned by ITU - International Telecommunication Union in the standards E.123 and E.164. Dialing Codes are required for connecting calls to telecom company of other countries and for subscribers within the country use '0' and for international subscribers use '00' or '+' with the specific country code.

Country Codes are divided into 9 zones according to the continents and regions:

  • Zone 1: North America
  • Zone 2: Africa
  • Zone 3: Europe
  • Zone 4: Europe
  • Zone 5: South America
  • Zone 6: Asia and Oceania
  • Zone 7: Soviet Union
  • Zone 8: East Asia and reserved services
  • Zone 9: Middle East and South Asia
  • Local Region Codes for Swaziland are:-

    Region or City NameDialing Code
    All other points +268-5 digits with no Cit
    Bhunya +268-452
    Big Bend +268-363
    Hlathikulu +268-217
    Hluthi +268-227
    Lobamba +268-416
    Ludzeludze +268-548
    Mahamba +268-237
    Mahwalala +268-472
    Malkerns +268-528
    Mankayane +268-538
    Manzini +268-505
    Maphiveni +268-373
    Matsapha +268-517
    Mbabane +268-404
    Mhlambanyatsi +268-467
    Mhlume +268-312
    Mpaka +268-333
    Ngwenya +268-442
    Nhlangano +268-207
    Nsoko +268-303
    Pigg's Peak +268-437
    Sidwashini +268-422
    Simunye +268-382
    Siphocosini +268-482
    Siphofaneni +268-344
    Siteki +268-343
    Tshaneni +268-322
    Villaverde de Guadalimar +268-67


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