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Kazakhstan Sea Port Codes

Akkol KZKKO Region Code: AKM 
Lat/Long: 5159N/07056E 
AksayKZAKS Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 3610N/06910E 
AktauKZAAU Region Code: MAN 
Lat/Long: 4339N/05109E 
Aktau AptKZSCO Region Code: MAN 
Lat/Long: 4351N/05105E 
AktobeKZABE Region Code:  
AlashankouKZALS Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 4512N/08236E 
AlmatyKZALA Region Code: ALA 
Lat/Long: 4315N/07657E 
AqtoghayKZAGY Region Code: VOS 
Lat/Long: 4657N/07940E 
Aqtöbe Aktyubinsk KZAKX Region Code: AKT 
Lat/Long: 5017N/05710E 
ArkalykKZAYK Region Code:  
ArysKZARY Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 4226N/06848E 
AssaKZASA Region Code: ZHA 
Lat/Long: 4301N/07110E 
Astana ex Tselinograd KZAST Region Code:  
AtbasarKZATX Region Code:  
Atyrau ex Guryev KZGUW Region Code:  
BaikonurKZBKZ Region Code: AKM 
BalhashKZBXH Region Code:  
BalkhashKZBAH Region Code: KAR 
Lat/Long: 4650N/07459E 
BautinoKZBTN Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 4432N/05015E 
BurundaiKZBXJ Region Code:  
ChimkentKZZAA Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 4218N/06936E 
DosytkKZDOS Region Code: ALA 
Lat/Long: 4515N/08229E 
DzhambulKZDZH Region Code: ZHA 
Lat/Long: 4254N/07122E 
EkibastuzKZEKB Region Code:  
EmbaKZEMB Region Code: AKT 
Lat/Long: 4849N/05808E 
EsikKZEIK Region Code: ALA 
Lat/Long: 4321N/07727E 
EsilKZEIL Region Code: AKM 
Lat/Long: 5123N/06707E 
HorgosKZHOR Region Code:  
KandyagashKZKYH Region Code: AKT 
Lat/Long: 4928N/05725E 
KapchagayKZKPC Region Code: ALM 
Lat/Long: 4353N/07750E 
KaragandaKZKGF Region Code: KAR 
Lat/Long: 4950N/07310E 
KaratonKZKTO Region Code: ATY 
Lat/Long: 4622N/05331E 
KhromtauKZKHR Region Code: AKT 
Lat/Long: 5015N/05826E 
KokchetavKZZAC Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 5316N/06926E 
KordaiKZKOR Region Code:  
KostanayKZKSN Region Code:  
Kul saryKZKUL Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 4657N/05401E 
KurykKZKUR Region Code: ATY 
Lat/Long: 4312N/05139E 
KustanaiKZZAB Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 5310N/06335E 
Kzyl OrdaKZKZO Region Code:  
KökshetauKZKOV Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 5316N/06923E 
LisakovskKZLKK Region Code:  
MadenietKZMDT Region Code: VOS 
Lat/Long: 4752N/07837E 
MankentKZMAN Region Code: SEV 
Lat/Long: 4225N/06950E 
NovoyamyshevoKZNOV Region Code:  
Lat/Long: 5155N/07719E 

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