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Currency Codes for Central African Republic

The Currency Codes nomenclature is done by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) according to the ISO 4217 standards which consists of specific 3 letters ("Alpha-3") codes for currencies available worldwide. Normally the first 2 letters of these country codes are same as ISO 3166-1 codes and the third letter is the first letter of currency name. Not always this rule is applicable there are some countries who don't follow this rule. Currency codes which are reserved for specific reasons they normally begin with X.

For Example:
Canada (CAD) has CA Country Code and D for dollar
Australia (AUD) has AU Country Code and D for dollar
Singapore (SGD) has SG Country Code and D for dollar
USA (USD) has US Country Code and D for dollar

Every Currency is assigned some 3 character Alphabetical Currency Code and a 3 digit numeric Currency code similiar to ISO 3166.

For Example:
Canada (CAD) has Numeric Currency Code 124
Australia (AUD) has Numeric Currency Code 036
Singapore (SGD) has Numeric Currency Code 702
USA (USD) has Numeric Currency Code 840

Country NameCurrency Name3 Characters Alphabetical Code3 Digit Numeric Code
Central African RepublicCFA Franc BEACXAF950


Top 20 Highest Value Currencies of World are:

Currency NameCurrency Image Alphabet Currency CodeNumeric Currency CodeEquivalent to USD (Approx)
1: Kuwait Dinarcurrency image KWD414 3.30 USD
2: Bahrain Dinarcurrency image BHD048 2.65 USD
3: Oman Rialcurrency image OMR512 2.60 USD
4: Jordan Dinarcurrency image JOD4001.41 USD
5: Gibraltar Poundcurrency image GIP292 1.33 USD
6: Pound Sterlingcurrency image GBP826 1.32 USD
7: Cayman Islands Dollarcurrency image KYD8361.21 USD
8: Eurocurrency image EUR978 1.14 USD
9: United States Dollarcurrency image USD840 1 USD
10: Swiss Franccurrency image CHF756 0.99 USD
11: Brunei Dollarcurrency image BND096 0.96 USD
12: Canadian Dollarcurrency image CAD124 0.75 USD
13: Australian Dollarcurrency image AUD036 0.72 USD
14: Libyan Dinarcurrency image LYD434 0.72 USD
15: Singapore Dollarcurrency image SGD702 0.74 USD
16: New Zealand Dollarcurrency image NZD554 0.68 USD
17: Fijian Dollarcurrency image FJD242 0.47 USD
18: Brazillian Realcurrency image BRR987 0.27 USD
19: Israel New Shekelcurrency image ILRNA 0.27 USD
20: Turkish Liracurrency image TRL792 0.18 USD