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Belize Embassy Visa Consulates

Consulate (Consulate-General Belize, Belize)Consulate General Belize Belize 00-501-2232953,00-501-223-2954
Consulate (Austria)Consulate of Austria in Belize City Belize (+501) 22 770 70,(+501) 22 732
Consulate (Canada)Consulate of Canada in Belize City Belize (501) 223-1060
Consulate (Colombia)Consulate of Colombia in Belize City Belize 235623 ,/,233025
Consulate (Guyana)Consulate of Guyana in Belize City Belize 501 223 2469 (Office),501 223
Consulate (Honduras)Consulate of Honduras in Belize City Belize 00-501-224-5889
Consulate (Peru)Consulate of Peru in Belize City Belize (+501) 225 2890
Consulate (Switzerland)Consulate of Switzerland in Belize (+501) 2277257
Consulate (Turkey)Consulate of Turkey in Belize (+501) 224-4158
Consulate (Turkey)Consulate of Turkey in Belize (+501) 224-4158
Consulate (Dominican Republic Consulate)Dominican Republic Consulate in Belize (+501) 8223781
Consulate (Ecuadorian Consulate)Ecuadorian Consulate in Belize 501-9-32520
Embassy (Brazil)Embassy of Brazil in Belmopan Belize (501) 822-3167(501) 822-0460
Embassy (Costa Rica)Embassy of Costa Rica in Belmopan Belize 00 (501) 822-1582
Embassy (Cuba)Embassy of Cuba in Belize City Belize + 501 235 345
Embassy (El Salvador)Embassy of El Salvador in Belize 0 501 235 162, 0 501 823 404
Embassy (Guatemala)Embassy of Guatemala in Belize 005-01 2233-150,005-01 2230243
Embassy (Honduras)Embassy of Honduras in Belize 00 - 501- 224-5889
Embassy (Mexico)Embassy of Mexico in Belmopan Belize (501) 822-0406,822-2480
Embassy (China (Taiwan), Belize City, Belize)Embassy of the Republic of China Taiwan Belize City Belize +501 227-8744
Embassy (Venezuela)Embassy of Venezuela in Belize +501-822-2384,+501-822-2789
Consulate (Barbados)Honorary Consul of Barbados in Belize (+501) 223-1915
Consulate (Germany)Honorary Consulate General of Germany in Belize City (00501 8) 22 23 50,(00501 2) 2
Consulate (India)Honorary Consulate General of India in Belmopan Belize + 501-8- 22-370
Consulate (Belgium)Honorary Consulate of Belgium in Belize City Belize (+501) 223 - 0748
Consulate (Finland)Honorary Consulate of Finland in Belize City Belize (501-2) 223 2225
Consulate (Sweden, Belize City)Honorary Consulate of Sweden Belize City +501 (22) 456 58
Consulate (Bahamas)Honorary Consulate of The Bahamas in Belize (+501) 223-2267,(+501) 227-713
Consulate (Czech Republic)Honorary Consulate of the Czech Republic in Orange Walk Town Belize 00501/322 22 2500501/322 33 73
Consulate (Jamaican Consulate General)Jamaican Consulate General in Belize (+501) 822 - 2183
Consulate (Panama Honorary Consulate)Panama Honorary Consulate in Belize (+501) 2224551
Consulate (Royal Danish Consulate)Royal Danish Consulate in Belize City Belize 272172
Embassy (U.S. Embassy)U S Embassy in Belize City Belize (501) 822-4011
Embassy (U.S. Embassy)U S Embassy in Belize City Belize (501) 822-4011

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