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International Code or ISD Code for Azerbaijan is: +994

Dialing Codes are required to call internationally or for the local calls in the Country. Every Country has specific ISD assigned by ITU - International Telecommunication Union in the standards E.123 and E.164. Dialing Codes are required for connecting calls to telecom company of other countries and for subscribers within the country use '0' and for international subscribers use '00' or '+' with the specific country code.

Country Codes are divided into 9 zones according to the continents and regions:

  • Zone 1: North America
  • Zone 2: Africa
  • Zone 3: Europe
  • Zone 4: Europe
  • Zone 5: South America
  • Zone 6: Asia and Oceania
  • Zone 7: Soviet Union
  • Zone 8: East Asia and reserved services
  • Zone 9: Middle East and South Asia
  • Local Region Codes for Azerbaijan are:-

    Region or City NameDialing Code
    Agdam +994-192
    Agdash +994-193
    Agdjabedi +994-113
    Agstafa +994-244
    Agsu +994-198
    Ali-Bayramli +994-197
    Astara +994-195
    Baku +994-12
    Balaken +994-119
    Barda +994-110
    Beylagan +994-152
    Bilesuvar +994-159
    Dashkesan +994-216
    Devechi +994-115
    Djalilabad +994-114
    Eizuli +994-141
    Gabala +994-160
    Gakh +994-144
    Gazakh +994-279
    Geokchay +994-167
    Geranboy +994-234
    Gobustan +994-150
    Guba +994-169
    Gyandia +994-22
    Hachmaz +994-172
    Hadjigabul +994-140
    Hanlar +994-230
    Hizi +994-199
    Imishli +994-154
    Ismayilli +994-178
    Kedabek +994-232
    Kusari +994-138
    Kyurdamir +994-145
    Lenkaran +994-171
    Lerik +994-157
    Masalli +994-151
    Mingechevir +994-147
    Naftalan +994-255
    Nahichevan +994-136
    Neftechala +994-153
    Oguz +994-111
    Saatli +994-168
    Sabirabad +994-143
    Salyan +994-163
    Samukh +994-265
    Shamaha +994-176
    Shamkir +994-241
    Sheki +994-177
    Siyazan +994-190
    Sumgayit +994-164
    Ter-Ter +994-246
    Tovuz +994-231
    Udjar +994-170
    Yardimli +994-175
    Yevlakh +994-166
    Zagatala +994-174
    Zardab +994-135
    Toll Free and MobilesDialing Code
    Azerbaijan Toll Free+994-000
    Mobile Phones - Azercell +994-50
    Mobile Phones - Bakcell (GSM 9) +994-55


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