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Afghanistan Information (AF)

Basic Information: Institutions and Education, Currency and Living
Capital: Kabul
ISD Code: +93
Currency: Afghani (AFN)
Languages: Pashto,Dari
Electricity Voltage:
Electricity Plugs: Type C European 2-pin, Type F Schuko plug
No. of Schools:
No. of Colleges:
No. of Universities:
Degree Courses:
Monthly Expense:
National Sports:
National Bird/Animal:
National Flower:
Type of Government:
Natural Resources:
Country Statistics: Land and Agriculture, Population and Users
Area: 647,500 KM2
No. Of Districts/States: 34 States
Lat/Long: 33°55'49"N / 67°40'44"E
Landline Phones:
Mobile Phone Users:
Internet Users:
Internet Hosts:
Near By Countries:
Popular Cities:
Longest River:
Highest Point/Lowest Point:
Popular Crops:
Birth Rate/Death Rate:
Nationalized Bank:
Time and Date, Weather and Seasons
Current Weather:
Time difference with USA :
Daylight Saving Time:
Rainfall in the Month:
Max/Min Temperature:
Average humidity:
Average Air/Wind Speed:
Monsoons in the Month:
Travel and Visas, Shopping and Hotels
Travel Visa Fees:
Travel Visa Duration:
Best Season to Travel:
Best Tourist Spots:
Best Shopping Places:
Best Time to Visit:
Best Hotels:
Popular Shopping Malls:
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Afghanistan Swift Codes

Swift Codes or BIC codes are also known as Business Identifier Codes which are used around the globe for monetary transactions. Swift stands for "Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication" and swift codes are provided by SWIFT Organization and approved by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Its a unique identification code for both financial and non financial institutions. These swift codes are used for wire transfers between banks and for sending messages between banks. BIC or SWIFT code consists of combinations of alphanumeric characters which are unique for every bank or financial institutions.

Example of Swift Code:


Afghanistan Airport Codes

Airport code are assigned and maintained by International Agencies such as IATA ( International Air Transport Association), ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) and FAA (Federal Aviation Administration Code). IATA codes 3 letter codes and ICAO are 4 letter codes which are assigned on the basis of place or region name and addding some special character to code if there is existing same airport code. First character of FAA Code and first 2 characters of ICAO Code are same for some countries.

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Afghanistan Language Codes

Language is a method of communication, verbal or non verbal, spoken or written, consists of organisation of words in well formed way to convey some meaning. There are so many languages in the world which changes with the geographical areas and every region has its own local language and countries have some national language also.


Afghanistan ISO Codes

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has assigned the codes for naming countries and their subdivisions. Various types of ISO Standards are available such as ISO 3166-1, ISO 3166-2, ISO 3166-3. ISO 3166-1 is divided into 3 sets of country codes: ISO 3166-1 alpha2, ISO 3166-2 alpha3, ISO 3166-3 numeric.

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Afghanistan Dialing Codes

ITU(International Telecommunication Union) has assigned member Countries their Country calling codes or Country dial-in codes and telephone number prefixes. Prefixes enable International Direct Dialing which is also known as ISD codes. Every country has some local dialing codes and International dialing codes according to which we can call to and from that country or within that country. When we have to dial some other country we have to use the country code with an area code of the contacting country.


Afghanistan Currency Codes

The Currency Codes nomenclature is done by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) according to the ISO 4217 standards which consists of specific 3 letters ("Alpha-3") codes for currencies available worldwide. Normally the first 2 letters of these country codes are same as ISO 3166-1 codes and the third letter is the first letter of currency name. Not always this rule is applicable there are some countries who don't follow this rule. Currency codes which are reserved for specific reasons they normally begin with X.

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Afghanistan University/College Codes

University College has some International Name and Regional Name. Every University has speciallization programes for different subjects and programs for undergraduage, graduate, masters and doctorate levels. Some of the Universities accept international students and some of the universities provide scholarships to the students. Universities are accreditated and are well maintained at a acceptable level to grant degrees. Students can choose universities according to their interest in the subject and fee structure for the courses.


Afghanistan Sea Port Codes

UN LOCODE or Sea Port Codes are the United Nations Code for Trade and Transport Locations are the codes created by UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe). These codes are assigned for trade and transport to the seaports, airports and Railways. UNLOCODE consists of 5 characters and first 2 characters are for country code. Seaports are the major facility for trade through ships which load and discharge of passengers and cargo. Check the complete list of UN/LOCODE or Seaports by clicking following link.

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Afghanistan Zip Codes

Postal Code is a collection of Alphanumeric characters to find the postal mails destination. Post code sometimes known as ZIP Code or PIN Code are assigned according to geographical areas, or special codes are assisgned to special address or assigned specially for government institutions.